Your contribution will enable Chrysalis to offer educational opportunities like the following:

  • $10 pays for outreach and demonstration materials
  • $50 pays for lunch for a field trip for 20 children
  • $75 pays for one grant application package
  • $100 pays for one farmer to visit a classroom to prepare for a trip to the farm
  • $400 pays for a whole field trip package: farmers, apprentices, and a morning of amazing experiences for 20 children.
  • $1,500 pays for one farmer to attend a two-day conference

Every little bit counts

Please choose a donation level. Paypal and credit card accepted.

Any donation of $10 or more entitles you to the benefits of membership, including:

  • Investment in the health of the earth and support the educational mission of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor
  • Receive a bimonthly newsletter with information on biodynamics and Chrysalis activities
  • Receive discounts for educational events open to the public or members
  • Access to biodynamic activities like stirs or horn burying
  • Access to occasional social events
  • Participate in decision making at Chrysalis meetings—following the practice of the Community Farm, Chrysalis is governed by the consensus of its members at membership meetingsChrysalis is tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3), and donations are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Prefer to Donate by Cash or Check?

  1. Fill out the *Chrysalis Membership Form*.
  2. Contact us to arrange delivery of the Chrysalis Membership Form with Payment OR send the form with payment to:  Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center, PO Box 8201, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

More ways to help

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