About Us

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Welcome to Chrysalis! 

Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center was formed to support and broaden the educational activities of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor. Chrysalis was established as a nonprofit corporation in September 2011 and was granted tax-exempt status in 2013.

Like the Community Farm, Chrysalis is governed by the consensus of its members at membership meetings. As required for corporations, we also have a board of trustees and officers:

Board of Trustees

  • Anne Elder (Director) – Farmer and Co-Manager  of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor (CFAA) since 1992
  • Pam Gillespie – Active Member of CFAA and has served on its board of trustees
  • Susan Hunter – Active Member of CFAA and Founding Member of the Ann Arbor Biodynamic Study Group
  • Celia Larsen – Active Member of CFAA and Teacher of gardening and outdoor education at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor


  • Anne Elder, President
  • Paul Bantle, Treasurer
    Paul has farmed and comanaged the Community Farm of Ann Arbor (CFAA) since 1992.
  • Secretary – This position is currently unfilled. Phone Anne Elder at 734-433-0261 or e-mail CommunityFarmInfo@gmail.com if you’d like to be considered for this position.


Biodynamic Agriculture

We offer workshops, farm tours, Biodynamic Agriculture educational seminars and much much more.  Visit Upcoming Events for more details…

Farm-to-School Education

We love teaching the younger generations about the beauty and importance of Biodynamic Agriculture.  Contact us for a classroom visit to the Community Farm of Ann Arbor.

Community Togetherness

Chrysalis is run by and for the surrounding Ann Arbor area community.  To participate, volunteer, donate or learn more contact us today.