Biodynamic Agriculture 101

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Bio=Life Dynamic=Active.  Biodynamic Agriculture is a farming practice that embraces life’s activities to produce exceptionally nutritious and flavorful food. From the tiniest micro-organisms out to the cosmic reaches, biodynamic farmers strive to embody the idea that everything plays a part in our health and well-being. Biodynamics is a spiritual. ethical and ecological approach to creating a diverse and balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility from within the farm itself to the extent possible (see diagram below).

A Healthy and Good Farming Practice

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Biodynamic methods were first described by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925, an Austrian-born scientist and philosopher) and have now spread to all continents on thousands of farms, vineyards and home gardens. Community Supported Agriculture, like the Community Farm of Ann Arbor, was pioneered by biodynamic farmers in an effort to create not only ecological but also social and economic sustainability. While homeopathic preparations made from manure, minerals and herbs nourish the soil, the community of farm members are socially and spiritually nourished by their commitment to tend the earth in a kind, honest and joyful way.

Biodynamics is more than just holistic agriculture. For those who practice it, biodynamics cultivates an awe and reverence for the fact that our earthly existence is interwoven with the entire universe, creating the right mood for healthy thoughts and actions. We grow delicious produce, and so much more!!  Check out our upcoming events for workshops on Biodynamic Agriculture.