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Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center is the educational arm of the Community Farm of Ann Arbor. Our goal is to share agricultural understandings through: study, demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on activities of biodynamic farming methods. Chrysalis is the way to learn about and support biodynamics in the Ann Arbor area of southeast Michigan. WATCH BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CHRYSALIS!!!!

    We are always eager to come together with community members to share ideas, work, and fun. […]



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Annual Fundraiser

This year our fundraising efforts are geared towards welcoming back another excellent and motivated group of student farm interns. These farmers are the future! Help us support the future of Biodynamic Agriculture by supporting the 2017 intern program.


Support the 2017 Student Intern Program....and take Chrysalis into the future years to come!!!

Your generous donation helps us spread Biodynamic Agriculture learning in Michigan.

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